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AVG Virus Protection for HomeAVG Protection

Why do you need virus protection?

Unfortunately there a lots of viruses, malware and spyware on the internet. A free version of any anti-virus will protect you on a basic level but often isn't enough.

If you are using the internet you need virus protection on your computer.

Why Choose AVG?

AVG has been providing online protection since 1991. We use AVG ourselves at Computer Plus for office and home computers.

Once installed on your machine AVG will protect it for you, only popping up if it needs your attention. Updating every 30 minutes (compared to every day using AVG Free) you're online means the software constantly has the latest updates. Your subscription includes upgrading the program to the latest version giving you full AVG protection all of the time during your license period.

All anti-virus programs use memory and can slow your machine as they are constantly running in the background. We find AVG doesn't use as much as other anti-virus programs and the settings are adjustable.

Why buy AVG from Computer Plus?

As an AVG reseller we can supply AVG for your home or business, for as many computers as you need and as either a one or two year license.

We are not just a retail shop, we are a service centre. If you would like, we can also install it onto your machine, adjusting the settings so it works best for you, update the software and perform the first scan (which takes time due to optimsing).

We are here for support in case of any future problems and can help you upgrade or renew your license at a later date. Unlike most virus protection programs, we have an account manager at AVG who we can contact and talk to about any problems or questions.

What version of AVG do I need?

Depending on what you use the internet for depends on which version is better suited to you.

AVG Free

This is one of, if not the best free anti-virus available. It offers basic protection for your machine. Even if you only user the internet every now and then (or even not at all) we recommend having some sort of anti-virus installed as it will also help protect you from virus's that may be on a flash pen, CD or something similar that someone else loads into your machine.

AVG Anti-Virus

If you are using the internet to browse and use emails, AVG Anti-virus will be suitable for you. It offers a lot of protection and allows you to use Windows Firewall.

AVG Internet Security

We recommend Internet Security if you are using social sites such as Facebook or Skype, use the internet for shopping or online banking. It offers Identity Protection and a full firewall.

AVG Premium Security

The Premium Security not only protects your machine but also checks chat rooms and websites for your identity or card details being misused. 

To find out more information about AVG call 01323 430 666 and speak to a member of staff.