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There are many accessories available for desktops and laptop computers.Computer Plus Accessories

Laptop Bags

Laptop bags come in many shapes and sizes.

If you are carrying your laptop on public transport you may not want it to look like a laptop. There are laptop bags that look like back packs and if you don't want plain black there are an amazing amount of colours and designs.

You can have pockets galore, or just a simple sleeve to help keep the dust off.


Laptop Cooling Mats

Computer Plus AccessoriesDo you use your laptop on your lap?

Sometimes, depending on where the cooling fans your laptop can get rather warm on your knees.

A laptop cooling mat keeps the underneath of your laptop cool protecting you and your laptop from becoming too hot.

It is portable, you can take it anywhere with you and because of it's size most laptops will sit on it comfortably.


Mouse Mats

Mouse mats can be useful when using a desktop or laptop. If you are using a mouse with a ball, a mouse mat is almost essential.Computer Plus Accessories

An optical or laser mouse will work on most surfaces, but it can reflect off of a reflective surface resulting in the curser moving where you don't expect it. This can be frustrating when you are working.


USB Hubs

Computer Plus AccessoriesMore and more items such as 'phones, cameras etc. connect to your computer via USB.

Most of these items you don't need plugged in all of the time, and more often than not there aren't enough USB ports to keep them all plugged in at the same time.

The USB Hub sits neatly on your desk. It plugs into one USB port on your computer and gives you extra ports that are easily in reach.

The USB hub stops you having to find a port on your tower and plug it in or running out of ports on a laptop.


USB Charger

As mentioned above, more and more items connect by USB. A lot of them are also chargeable by USB.Computer Plus Accessories

This can mean that sometimes you have your computer turned on purely to charge something. There are items that you normally charge through you computer (such as an MP3 player or iPod) that you may wish to take away with you when you travel.

This adapter allows you to plug the USB lead straight into the mains plug.


And many more...

These are just some of the accessories available.

Computer Plus can supply and advise you about any accessories that might make your life that little bit easier and more comfortable.