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StationaryStationary at Computer Plus

At Computer Plus we stock the ultimate back up for computer problems - stationary!

We have pens, pencils, staplers, notebooks and much more.

One of the main stationary items we stock is printing paper.

What paper you print on can make a big difference to the appearance of your final print. Over time it will also make a difference to your printer.

When using standard paper, make sure that you are using branded paper at the correct weight (80g). Anything less than this, although cheaper may show print through or get stuck in your printer. You will also find that unbranded lower cost printer can be fibrous and dust can be released into the printer causing paper jams and head blockages.

Not only do we stock branded 80g paper at Computer Plus but we also stock premium paper for those letters that need to stand out.

When it comes to printing photos there is a lot of choice. Why not come in and see our photo album? We can show you what the difference is when printing photos using standard, glossy and premium glossy paper. We have used a 4 ink and 6 ink printer for you to see the difference.