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What is an Epson Express Centre?

With Epson Express Centres, it's now easier than ever to keep your products performing at their peak. From replacement Epson ink and paper to troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair, you'll find all you need to keep your product in peak condition.

What if my printer is outside of warranty? 

We can service your printer for you when it is our of warranty. For more complicated repairs we have an account with Epson and can arrange a fixed cost repair with them. 

Products supported at Epson Express Centres

Our standard one-year product warranty already gives you an award-winning service. With Epson Express Centre, repair and replacement is now faster than ever. The warranty extends to all consumer products, you can contact your local centre for a comprehensive and up to date list.

If your product is under 12 months old, remember to take your proof of purchase with you. This will show the product is in warranty and you will not be charged.

If your product is under 30 days old, however, it would be best to contact us directly by telephone, chat or email. Alternatively, return it to the retailer at your convenience to swap the unit for another brand new machine.

For out of warranty products we can still offer free advice, but servicing and repair will be liable to a fee decided by the centre. 

Fault diagnosis

If your product develops a fault within the warranty period, we'll examine it for you and determine the possible cause. There will be no charge for this service.

The fault diagnostic process may not be possible immediately and you may be requested to leave your product with the Express Centre. The Express Centre will contact you directly to advise you of any action that needs to be taken.


If possible, your existing product will be repaired under the terms of your warranty. If your product is no longer under warranty the Express Centre may be able to quote for an out of warranty repair, please ask your technician for further details.

Replacement product in warranty

If your local Epson Express Centre is unable to fix the problem, a permanent replacement product will be supplied.

The replacement will be a Quality Assured unit of the same model, not a brand new machine. 

The replacement will be dispatched to your Epson Express Centre for collection within five working days.

The remaining balance of the warranty will be transferred to the replacement unit.